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Live a healty and happy life by juicing. There are many benefits to drinking just one green shake a day. Change yours and your kids lives today.

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The Best Juicier On The Planet?

* Do you and your family struggle to get your recommended five-a-day?
* Does your blender leave your health drinks tasing lumpy and bumpy with horrible tasting pulp?
* Do you hate washing up your blender after use?

Introducing the NutriBullet, a powerful 600 watt juicer that slices through everything, so you end up with a silky smooth great tasting healthy drink.

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Importance of Juicing

The Best Juicier On The Planet?

I purchased the NutriBullet high powered juicer.

A mega powerful 600 watt motor combined with a bullet cyclonic action that slices through everything and anything, so you end up with a silky smooth great tasting healthy drink.

If your want a great juice that actually works with no pulp, look no further.

Read the NutriBullet Review.

10 Juicing Recipes

Juicing is a key part of life, but in order to start, you need juicing recipes! I have shared some new recipes & sourced some from other sources. All of them taste fantastic!

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