Nutribullet Review – 1 Way To Not Get A Heart Attack? (Actual User)


There has been a ton of hype about the NutriBullet super food nutrition extractor juicier with over a million units already sold. With famous stars such as Kim Kardashian also proclaiming she wants one.

Therefore, I decided to purchase the product and give it full review.

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I have noticed many Nutribullet reviews crop up on Google, but unless people show you videos of them using it or provide their actual Amazon order as proof, how can we truly believe what they are saying?  The bottom line is…we can’t!

You can find a picture of my Amazon order below by clicking on the image and you will find various videos throughout this review:

Amazon Order Proof

Why It Is Essential That We Our Eat Fruit And Vegetables?

We all know that eating vegetables and fruits aids to help keep your body super healthy.

Then why don’t we eat a lot more of them?

A recent official study by the British Diet Association showed that the average adult does not consume their recommended five-a-day essential nutrients, with only 15% of adults meeting their target.

Do you and your family struggle?

A very worrying outcome for people…especially when most of these ingredients contain vitally important nutrients to help fight against Cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

It’s always easy to think that these illnesses will never happen to you…

Why Are We So Sick?

But listen, it’s not your fault, there are many people going through the same ordeal you are:

    • A lack of time to prepare fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning before work!
    • Kids hate the taste of healthy foods.  It can be a nightmare for mums trying to their kids to commit!
    • Cleaning your blender after use is such a painstaking effort!

No wonder we don’t all get our daily essential foods.

Maybe you’re at home right now wondering ‘Is there a solution for me and my family?’

Let’s get down to the Nutribullet review and find out.

Opening the NutriBullet Box For The First Time, What Do We Get?

The Power Base

the power base unit

The power base is the main component of the NutriBullet product.  It has a 600 watt powerhouse high-torque motor that spins at 10,000 RPM.

The cyclonic action draws down all the healthy fruit and vegetables and pulverizes them in to a smooth pulp-free silky liquid.

The Extractor Blade

extractor blade

This revolutionary design when given the power of a 600 watt motor will bust open seeds, crack through stems, shred tough skins and breaks down even the toughest ingredients.

The Milling Blade

milling blade

This flat bade is ideal of for breaking down nuts, milling grains and grinding herbs.

The Tall Cup

tall cup

1 x 24 oz cup that can be used to drink the nutritional shake.

Short Cup With Handle & Lip Ring


1 x 18 oz cup with handle and comfortable lip ring.

Short Cup & Lip Ring


1 x 18 oz cup with comfortable lip ring.

Stay Fresh Resealable Lids

Resealable Lids

If you need to take your nutritional blast shake in the car or as part of your lunch, then the 2 x resealable lids are ideal.

User Guide & Recipe Book


A rather thick manual that has information on the product and how it works.  Some nice shake recipes in here also.

Pocket Nutritionist Guide


A small book that has lots of information on which foods you should buy etc based on their nutritional value.

So I just received the box from the delivery company.  It’s time to find out what’s inside. Let’s start the review!

Watch the videos below:

What Does the NutriBullet Do?

It’s a high powered juicer that apparently extracts all the nutritional goodness from fruits and vegetables, by fully breaking down the food so it’s ready for your body to absorb essential nourishment.

What are the features of this product?

          • Extractor blades that never requires sharpening.
          • Has a sleek, compact, lightweight and modern design.
          • BPA free, you can find out more info here.
          • Easy to use system, no difficult buttons or switches to operate.
          • Provides a pulp-free, no lumps or bumps easy to drink shake.
          • Easy to read maximum fill line on the cups.

How the NutriBullet Work?

According to the manual, it’s very easy, simply load the healthy ingredients in to the container, add water to the maximum fill line, push the unit down and then twist clockwise and watch how the blades pulverize everything in to a silky smooth pulp-free massive beneficial health kick drink.

4 step guide NutriBullet

It all sounds too good to be true at this point; I am not 100% convinced yet.

The blender I have been using for years is a nightmare.  I hate pulp, and it leaves me with an awful amount of this nasty tasting mess every morning in my glass.

The pulp is meant to be the most nourishing part of the ingredients, it’s also where the fiber is, so I force myself to drink it.

And if that was not hard enough, trying to get your kids to drink it is impossible!

Secondly, washing up, oh dear god…is there anything worse than washing up a blender that has stubborn marks on?

Talk about arm ache, it almost puts me off wanting to be healthy with these drinks sometimes!

I am sure you agree?

However, the NutriBullet promises to resolve these two issues for me, so let’s take it for a spin.

How Does the NutriBullet Perform?

I have everything setup and ready to try the product.

For this experiment I will be using the following components of the product:

          • 1 x 24 oz cup
          • 1 x handle (this handles can attach to the tall cup or the smaller cups)

The ingredients I will be using are as follows:

          • 1 x peeled orange
          • 1 x banana
          • 2 x tomatoes
          • A handful of grapes
          • A handful of kale
          • A handful of blueberries
          • A handful of sunflower seeds
          • A handful of pumpkin seeds

This is the only the second time using the product; I simply grabbed these ingredients based on their nutritional goodness.

Watch the video below:

As you can see from the video, it was a breeze to use.  My old clunky blender was ugly, bulky and it loved creating that dreaded pulp.

I left the product running longer than needed, on average you probably do not need any longer than 20 seconds.

This juicer does have a really slim and stylish design; you barely notice it as you walk past the kitchen, where at the same time if you did notice it, it’s quite easy on the eyes.

I have had compliments from some friends as they were intrigued by what the product was (all but one of them now have a NutriBullet after I made them a delicious healthy drink.)

In terms of the products loudness, it’s not quiet, but it’s certainly not deafening.  I’ve never come across a silent blender, there has to be some noise.

Pulp Free Test

Compared to be old blender, the NutriBullet is in league of its own.

No nasty lumps or bumps.  There is obvious evidence in the next video that the consistency of the remaining liquid was entirely pulp-free.

I felt like my taste buds experienced a newer, deeper taste from the same ingredients that I have always been using.  I wonder if the kids will finally drink this now?


Ease of Washing Up Test

We all hate washing up blenders; it’s such an effort and a ball ache!

Let’s see how I got on:

Time taken to clean the extractor blade: 10 seconds

Time taken to clean the tall cup:  10 seconds

Need I say more?


Tips & Tricks

          • Ensure you wash your NutriBullet containers before using them.
          • Do not go beyond the maximum fill line, this is in regards to the water and the ingredients you insert. The cup is prone to leaking if you do this.  I know I filled beyond the line in this the video, there was no leakage on this occasion but it has occurred since.
          • Do not allow the juicer to be active for long than 30 seconds.  It’s just not necessary.  I know I did in the video, but it’s not required, I got carried away with talking.
          • For a thinner shake add more water, for a thicker shake add less water.  But do not go over the maximum fill line.
          • Always remember to turn off the product when you’re not using, the motor is powerful and may cause injury.
          • NEVER insert the extractor blade in to the power base without a cup attached; if you accidentally activated the product this could become very dangerous.
          • Always dry the components as soon you wash them.


Here are some real users of the product, watch the videos below:

Eben’s Conclusion

This product prevented nasty pulp from occurring, stopped me from getting frustrated about washing up my blender, allowed me to get my daily recommended 5-a-day essential nutrients and even changed my kids outlook on healthy drinks, yes, my kids are now drinking a Nutri blast cup before school (at last)…wow!

Would I recommend this product?

Yes I would.  It does exactly what it says on the tin with many more benefits attached.

Pros of the NutriBullet

          • Easy access to your recommended five-a-day nutrients to help fight illnesses and start feeling great. Priceless…
          • 100% pulp-free, no nasty lumps or bumps, it’s like drinking liquid silk every day.
          • Washing up is a breeze, just simply rinse the components 20 seconds under the tap and it’s ready to be used again. No more arm ache! No more difficulties! Awesome!
          • I have already lost 2 pounds this week by using this product.
          • Mums Beware: Your kids will like the taste as much as mine did. Finally, my kids are now drinking healthy drinks every morning before school!
          • Prevents throwing away perfectly edible and expensive fruit and vegetables.
          • The design is light weight, sleek and stylish. It’s the smallest appliance in my question but has the biggest impact on mine and my kid’s health in a positive way.
          • Rubber pads are on the bottom of the product, so it won’t scratch or mark your surfaces.
          • BPA free, no tasty chemicals within the products materials. I doubt I could say the same about my old blender (or even yours?).

Cons of the NutriBullet

    • Can be noisy when activated.
    • There should be an added component that you can put over the power base opening when you’re not using the product.
    • It says in the manual they we should not use the following ingredients within the juicer: apple seeds, cherry pits, peach pits, apricot pits and plum pits. The reason they gave was because these ingredients contain chemicals that release cyanide in to the body when ingested. Personally I think that these ingredients have very hard and strong shells and are likely to break the device, hence why they try and deter you from using them.
    • Prone to leakage-but only if you fill the cup over the maximum fill level.

My Rating


Final Words

By the time you finish reading this NutriBullet review, 24 people would of suffered from a heart attack, and another 19 people would of suffered a stroke or heart failure.

It’s time to change your life, your kid’s lives and your families lives, you still have time.

It’s always easy to think that these illnesses will never happen to you or your family…

Please make the change today, purchase the product and start getting them essential nutrients in your body ASAP!

Good luck, you’re Friend,

Eben Greens


P.S. Need some delicious NutriBullet recipes?

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